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Puppet Gallery

Silent Protagonist has been building puppets since 2011. Eventually this gallery will feature all of the puppets we've built. 

The Cryptids


The Oaf, the Goon, the Brat and the Oddball are the stars of our original production Marina & the Cryptids.


Their heads are carved from upholstery foam and painted with a mixture of acrylic and latex. Their bodies are faux fur and canvas.

The Rats​​


Here are rats puppets from Silent Protagonist's in development Old Tales for the New World. 


The characters first appeared in Or Be Eaten. The puppets for that production were made out of papier mache and chicken wire. They wound up being too fragile, so we decided to rebuild them for Old Tales


These puppets are carved out of thick slabs of upholstery foam. The foam is painted with a mixture of acrylic paints and liquid latex. The head and jaw are carved and painted seperately, then attached to a mouthplate build of foam core and leather. Finally we added a fun fur coat, felt ears and button eyes.


Scroll through the gallery to see the build in progress.

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